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Annonomous said,

Dude wheres the hurricane(s) pics? u have updated since then u should add some.

Beachbum said,

Like I said in my log, my camera froze up after the first hurricane and I couldnt download the pictures and was scared to replace the batteries and loose the pictures I had of the shipwrecked boat.

G said,

Sold my Catalina 22 this last fall and have been looking for something a little more sea worthy. There is a Neptune 24 here that has a price in my budget, w/trailer 00. I want to cruise the Keys for about 6 months even making the run from Key West to Dry Tortugas. How would you rate the boat for something like this? Thanks, G

Beachbum said,

My neptune is a shoal draft (about 3 feet)so navigating the Keys is nice. Not to sure about a long trip, I haven’t sailed it too much, but it seams like a solid boat.

Annonomous said,

Hows living on a 24 footer? Hi beachbum , Great website! I am a soon to be beachbum, I am buying a 30 ft lancer sailboat in marina del rey. I am a tattoo artist in Hollywood CA, saving up for the boat. Heres some questions: Hows living on a 24 footer? and how long you been living on it for? what do you pay for your marina? keep in touch Beachbum Hope great to be in touch with another beach bum hehe

John said,

Hi: You and I communicated b4, I bought a Neptune a couple of months ago which is yet in VA! I will be bringing her south to Lantana within the next couple of months. I found my dagger board is missing. have you ever had to replace yours? John

Beachbum said,

I dont think my boat has a daggerboard. It is kinda strange, never saw an opening for it under the boat but under my mast pole inside the cabin there is a pole from the floor to 3/4 way up to the cieling that looks like it slides down but the casing is blown out so it doesnt move. the owners manual i have doesnt mention anything about it. let me know any more info you have on this, …and send some pic of your boat, never really saw any others.

John said,

That “pole” controls the movement of the dagger board. There should be a handle and a pin for the pole to hold it in position and the dagger board itself is in the keel trunk under the boat attached to the pole! Send me a pic or two of your pole and I will assist with what I have researched! John

Beachbum said,

You described it perfect. give me a day or 2 and ill have a pic

John said,

That is definitely the control mechanism. The pipe should be attached to a dagger board in the trunk…probably inserts from underneath! Maybe someone glassed in the dagger board trunk on the bottom of your hull. Unfortunately, I have not yet developed pics of my boat but will forward a sketch over the builders diagram of how the board works. —– Re: Neptune 24 dagger board and control arm/handleHerewith is an added sketch of the dagger board location and to the left the whole mechanism!

Kevin said,

Hey, I was considering the livaboard life, and wondering how well the ”donations” part worked out? And how well does the ”First Matetress part work out? Just wondering, exploring ideas. Thanks, Kevin :-)

Beachbum said,

Well… Its nice ta have good friends. And as far as the first matetress part well lets just say it sux 2 b me.

Annonomous said,

I have a 22”9″ fiberglass sailboat that has no identifying #”s. I am trying to positively identify the make of the boat. The logo embossed in the fiberglass is a simple hull and trident point mast with a trident headed figure holding on to the top and bottom of the mast forming a sail ( I have digital photos of the boat and logo that can be e-mailed if it would help). To date, and after an exhaustive search I have found no other like boats or logos. One person suggested it may be a Capital Yacht Neptune @ 1970”s, hence why I am corresponding with Neptune owners. > > Any help or referrals you may offer would be greatly appreciated.

Beachbum said,

I”m kinda new to boats myself, but my mainsail has a red trident symbal on the top so it could be a neptune i guess. I havent found out much about them or there company online. they were made by capitol yachts, thats about all i know. if you look on my website under specs-owners manual you mite get some leads to tracking down the company.

Annonomous said,

How do you like yours? Hi: While surfing the net researching Capital Neptunes I stumbled upon your website! COOL! I am looking at a shoal draft model to use in the Intercoastal around Lake Worth. How do you like yours?

Beachbum said,

I got the boat in the key and sailed it upto miami. I am so glad it is a shoal draft. being a first time boater I probally would have ripped off a regular keel in the shallow water. So far I have had no problems with the boat other than getting hit by lighting last year when i wasnt on it and the bolt went thro the bottom of the boat leavin a 3/8″ hole. I pluged it up with clay epoxy and all is good. Its a excellent boat. If you find more neptune stuff online Please let me know. I havent found to much, mostly newport stuff.

Annonomous said,

How you made a living during your adventure? I plan on sailin away in the next 4 years and was wondering how you made a living during your adventure. I have income property, but that will not suffice, plus you can never really depend on people to make you money. How did you do it? Any suggestions?

Beachbum said,

…well um… I really havent traveled much yet. I make my pennies by doing websites and computer related work for people for the most part, and a professional beachbum for the rest ( most of the people that do this i guess have like a pension or something. I have been surviving ok so far but if something major happened (last year i got hit by lightning and im still making up for broken things) id b screwed. if you plan on traveling it would take alot of money on hand. I have taught myself to live on a very, very tight budget. Its ok by myself, hense i have no firstmatetress. I like the peacefullness of the water so it kinda evens out. let me know what ya do and thanx for writing. I probally wasnt any help. I just found a kewl page that mite give ya some idea of what it is like ona boat tho ( )

Mike said,

Hi Steve, how are you feeling. I”m the neighbour that towed you back to your boat the other day. I hope your not still pucking (I read your logs). My family and I (not the boat owners) just got back home to Canada tonight so I checked out your site, pretty neat. Alcala will still be in the Bay for some time but I”m not sure how long. My Father wasnt sure how long they were going to stay. That”s a nice anchorage we enjoyed our trip a lot, I hope our kids didnt drive you crazy. I wish I”d known about FIU having wireless, I would have brought my laptop to keep up to date. I feel out of touch without the computer. I hope you start feeling better, good luck and as we say in Canada…”Keep your stick on the ice” (it”s a hockey thing). Mike

Barry said,

Saw you paddling out to your boat Monday evening. I was anchored south of you. Beautiful place. Give me some local knowledge, please … is there any place to park a car overnight in the university without getting towed. I”d think it”s impossible to park in Oleta overnight. Thanks Barry

Beachbum said,

I tryed to email you back but it got returned from bellsouth…no such person… anyways.. I havent delt with overnight parking yet but have thought about it. About the easiest thing to do I think would be to park at the haulover marina for $5. I have friends that have left there cars there overnight after a day at the beach with no problems. You could dingy from there to here, i have rowed many times. The park manager seems to be pretty kewl. Im thinking he mite accept a “donation to the park” for overnite parking if it is keep low key. It is a beautiful place back here. kinda hard to imagine your in the middle of miami. thanx for writing, Steve

Kevin said,

Hey wassup?! I”m hailing you from Tacoma Washington, puget sound and the great northwest. great site. i love the beach bum vision of lifestyle and have so many questions for you… but don”t want to pull you away from work. sooo…. when you got the time, please correspond with me. I am totally curious how life is on the boat and if you are currently paying for moorage. or, do you simply anchor off in a harbor and live for free? i know that”s kind of a stupid question, given you constatly post and have daily power. i think a sat link for the laptop would be kinda pricey and i get the feeling you live on practically nothing and are broke. i know the feeling. but i fantasize about hanging in a harbor here or there for a month at a time, then picking up when i get bored and setting sail for another harbor. of course work would be tough but im trying to figure out how much money i”d need a month. look forward to hearing from you! kevin

Beachbum said,

I currently do not pay for mooring. I anchor in a bay of the intercoastal. I dont have a sat. link for internet. I use internet cafe”s, libraries, and the university that I am close to. Around the area is it quite easy to pick up a regular wifi signal from the boat since there are so many hirise condos. It is an excellent life. You just need to get over the money thing. thanx for writing, steve

Kristi said,

Found your web site a few days ago and found it quit interesting. I could only imagine living on a boat. That would be so interesting to be able to do. A guy that worked with my dad is now traveling around on his boat with his wife and I guess they”re having a really good time. Your experience living on a boat sounded really interesting to me so I thought I would drop you a line and say hi. So, hi. :) P.S. I think I need some pointers on how to save money. I”m not to good at it. Any suggestions? :)

Beachbum said,

Greetings, tanx for writin. It is a great lifestyle to be free to do whatever you want. For most people the more money you have the better your life. If you can break out of that and just enjoy things I think things are alot better. As far as saving money, It is nice to have a nest egg, But it is less stressfull just to go with the flow. Im the wrong person to ask any finacial info. Ima broke beachbum. Steve

Kristi said,

Hey, Thanks for writing back so fast. That was quick. You can be the broke beach bum and I”ll be the broke inlander. How”s that? Go with the flow. I kinda like that. Thats actually kinda how I like to live. How long have you lived on your boat? It looks nice. I”m actually going to try and learn how to sail this week. I”m gonna go up north tomorrow. My parents have a place on Lake Michigan so I”m going to try and sail my dad”s sail boat. Ha. Should be a funny sight. Wish me luck. But seriously, your life style sounds like fun. But have a great week and have fun. ;) Kristi

Beachbum said,

I just happened to be doing my captains log updates online and was able to respond. Ive had the boat for like 2 years now i think. its great. kinda lonely at times but i got a lil pussy yesterday for some companionship. look around the archived logs to see what my life is like. thanx again for writing, Steve

Luis Antonio said,

Have you ever done a circumnavigation before? i will make one in 2008, and maybe you can give me some advice, or a book to read or video to watch… just to hear what you have to say about it… where do you live? which boat should i buy? let me know, thanks a lot… luis antonio

Beachbum said,

…well I havent done much sailing. Just have been at anchor for awhile living aboard. keep searching the web, try and thanx 4 writin, Steve

Garry said,

Excellent site well done.

Steve Canfield said,

Cool website! It looks like you’re living my dream! Ahhhh… someday! I currently live “off grid” in North Central Idaho (8 years), originally from So. Cal… dreaming of the day when I can live aboard my own vessel and cruise the world where and when I please. Good luck in all your ventures/adventures!

Mike said,

Hi. My girlfriend and I are planning to move to florida and our goal
is to be ome a liveaboard and cruise the waters off Florida. I ran
across your website and was hoping to find some good information that
would guide us on the liveaboard lifestyle. I’m a little confused as
to all the negative comments and the whole bad boater section. Maybe
give guys like me some tips how to be good boaters. For instance. I
see many complaints if anchor snagging but what I really need or hope
to see is tips for the proper use a d deployment. Maybe by helping us
know what to do ahead of time would ease the issues you see in other
boaters. If new people like me know the do and don’ts there would not
be so many issues. Don’t get me wrong. I have been a boater for 35
years but never as a sailor. I have had my share of weekend idiots and
have had my ski line cut on more than one occasion. Even between the
boat and the skier. Don’t even get me started on jet skiers. Anyway
have a great day and share the tips you have. Don’t concentrate so
much on pointing out the infractions of others. Tell us how it should
be done.

Steve The Beachbum said,


Thanks for checking out my website and your email.

I apologize for all of the negative comments about bad boaters. You are correct that I should give them a few tips, and I have already. Over and over again. In the almost 10 years I have been a live-aboard here it has gotten pretty old telling the SAME people every weekend that the water is 25ft deep here and you need to have out more than 26ft of anchor line, or that you anchor a boat going against the wind, not 90-180*, and after you drop your anchor you “set it” by going in reverse, NOT just dropping it, shutting off your engine and leaving the boat on your dinghy. This list goes on.

It sounds like you are already familiar with the jet skiers. They are here too. This is a protected State Park that I am anchored in. They come back here racing around the moored boats, and thru the mangrove channels where manatee’s hang out, and cause huge wakes for families that rent kayaks from the park.

I agree that a more positive attitude would “look” better on my site, but in reality, things won’t change for the better unless things are documented and law enforcement can take care of them before someone gets hurt.

I have made several posts in the past on how to anchor/boating tips, but thru the years they are kinda buried. I will take you up on your idea to make a dedicated “boating tips” page.

Sorry again for being so negative. But I haven’t been able to leave my boat on the weekends for the last 3 years so I can minimize damage and costs to my home. $400 a weekend to replace an anchor,chain, and line is BS.

I wish you the best at your goal of being a live-aboard and cruising. It can be a beautiful thing. Being in the middle of Miami on the weekends is not.


jesse har said,

Ahoy Matey! Sailing the turbulent seas of cyber space, seeking the lost island of battery rejuvenating natives, I caught the fair tradewind blowing me to your Captain’s Log… What a pirates treasure your site is, indeed! Catch you on the upswell dude!
-Jesse of the parched high desert

David said,

Happy 4th

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