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Beer. It’s the very lifeblood of this website. Without it, this would be just another well-designed and highly useful website. But instead, with a steady and ample supply of fresh, cold beer, you get BeachBum and, the website equivalent of a frog in a blender. You know, lately I’ve been flooded by so few requests from people not asking me, “Beloved BeachBum, how may I donate to your seemingly endless consumption of beer as evidenced by this freak-show you call a website?” That’s an excellent question, thank you for not asking. Dear friends, it takes real beer, and lots of it, to run a website this messed up. You try putting this crap together while sober! Recently, the BeachBum has had to dip into his personal beer money to pay the increased costs to run this award-winning website and The BeachBum School of Partyology. And now he’s running out of money. So, with sobriety rearing its ugly head, the BeachBum turns to you, his loyal Readers, to help keep the buzz alive.Don’t let this entertainment resource become another internet casualty. If this website helped you, or even if it didn’t but yo momma drank way too much Old Milwaukee while you were in the oven, then please give to the IslandCastaway Beer Fund. You can use the PayPal button below to make a contribution in any amount.

Thanks for your support!The IslandCastaway Beer Fund┬«”Because a mind is a terrible thing to not be wasted.”

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