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Current Anchorage: Miami, Florida

Captains Log Sea date April 5, 2014

More landings in front of a “no trespass” sign at the school.

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Captain Styrofoam dropped someone off over at the school and then went towards Beercan island. On his way his Styrofoam came untied and it took him awhile to catch it. A few mins later he came back to the bay, anchored his boat and went ashore.

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Captains Log Sea date April 3, 2014

The guy that came out to the derelict power boat that’s been dragging around in front me came out with another boat and tried to anchor it in front of me. I told him “this isn’t a junk yard, it’s a State Park” and he went off screaming at me saying
ill fuck you up punk”. I got out my camera and he moved away.

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Captains Log Sea date April 2, 2014

Snowbirds landing on the park beach daily now.

2014-04-03 17-39-26

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Captains Log Sea date March 28, 2014


I wonder how many pictures I have of people blasting by the manatee zone signs.

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