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Current Anchorage: Miami, Florida

Captains Log Sea date January 8, 2011

A fishing boat came by and anchored on top of my anchor line. I went out to tell them and the guy said he didn’t see it, then one of the “ladies” on board started to slander and flip me off.

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Captains Log Sea date January 1, 2011

Once again the m/v “Jim & Lily” rafted up in the bay. This time with the m/v “Tranquility”, and “Yum Yum” their anchor broke loose and they drug again during the night in a light breeze, this time putting them on the rocks along FIU’s mangrove shore. They were there for over an hour before FIU police showed up. Seatow came and towed them out. Maybe this time they will learn.

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Captains Log Sea date November 28, 2010

One person has been hospitalized after a boat lost control and crashed on dry land.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue responded to a call after a boat lost control, struck several rocks and landed on an embankment near Haulover Marina, Saturday afternoon.

According to fire rescue, five people were on board and one person was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. “Luckily, only one person was seriously injured and the four others were not injured. The boat is landside right now in the park. No one in the park was injured,” said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Capt. Eric Baum.

According to one person on board, the 21-year-old taken to JMH has non-life threatening injuries.

Police are still investigating.

Video here

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Captains Log Sea date November 7, 2010

Boat drug over to me.

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Captains Log Sea date September 1, 2010

A small sailboat FL4807BU that has been anchor back in the Oleta bay for the past year broke loose and drug across to my side of the bay hitting and getting hung up on a catamaran. I called up the park office to let them know and call FWC. I figured they would have better luck getting someone to come out and notify the owners but nobody has shown up in 6 hours. If they both break loose and come towards me I will have to cut there anchor lines so they dont get hung up on me. The catamaran owner showed up and towed it into the bay and reanchored it, then it broke loose again and drifted to the shore at FIU. The next day FWC came out and towed it back into the back and thru out the anchor with 30ft of line in 25ft of water. Im sure it will break loose again.

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