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Current Anchorage: Miami, Florida

Captains Log sea date December 16, 2011

Derelict on the rocks day 3.

So this is the story of the new derelict boat. About 3 weeks ago small sail boat got towed into the bay by a smaller power boat with its engine revving super high. It could barely tow it. It dropped anchor in the middle of the channel Fwc uses to go from their HQ out to the bay. I didn’t see any one on it for like 2 weeks after.

A couple of days ago it drug over between the Catamaran and me. When the wind was from the west it was 3 feet away from the Catamaran and was close as 10 feet from my anchor at times. Started seeing the owner swim from it early morning and late at night to the shore of FIU. Saw 2 cats on board. The boat is really beat up.


2 days ago I left my boat in the morning and came home a few hours later. When I got out to the bay saw the boat on the rocks behind me. I Kayaked back over to the blue boat family and asked them about it. They didn’t see when it drug but was before 10am. They saw Blane the Fiu student try to help but his dingy motor died and had to get towed back to his boat by Crazy Eddie in his 16ft sailboat. Blanes dingy sunk few weeks back from rain flooding boat so his motor is messed up. Crazy Eddie is vet type dude that is paraplegic and is paranoid about the governmentand lives on a super small sailboat. When I got back to my boat there was a buoy marking where the derelict boat was.

Yesterday morning the owner of the derelict on the rocks was on the boat around 7am and started throwing clothes and stuff onshore. He started thrown bags of garbage and buckets of cat litter in the water. I yelled over and said that’s a $5000 fine for littering. He said he was sorry, like 3 times. He said he was calling Seatow. There was a girl on shore screaming where’s my cat for 2 hours walking back and forth saying “why”, “why”. The guy used a garbage bin from FIU and stashed his stuff in it and then they left. Around 3pm the girl was back with what seemed to be her dad.

Seatow came around 3:30pm. It looked like he was gonna tow it off the rocks. He had the rope out but the tide was starting to go down about a foot. Seatow went over to the buoy where the boat was and pulled up the anchor. I got a call from Blue boat family thinking it was mine and warning me that he was pulling it up. I have no idea on how if his anchor line broke how he found it and tied a buoy to it. Seatow took it to the boat on the rocks and tied it to the boat, then took the anchor out to the bay as far as he could and dropped it like 50ft away from me. All I could here him saying is he wood come back. 10 o’clock. High tide. So I figured high tide he was coming back to tow them out further because didn’t want to tow them off the rocks now with the tide going down. I looked at the tide charts and high tide wasn’t until 1am, so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

High tide was at 10pm last night and the girl was able to pull the boat off the rocks by reeling in the anchor line. I yelled over and asked what her plans were and she said they were getting towed to Maul Lake in the morning. A few minuets after that the guy showed up and started talking to the girl on the boat from shore and said they were out of here in the AM and he was gonna find a dark place to sleep. He wheeled the garbage bin down FIU’s shore to the trees behind my boat and went to sleep in the mangrove trees. I put a padlock on my kayak tied to my boat and stayed up till 3am worried he was gonna swim out to my boat.

This morning a little before 7am the guy came back and swam out to the boat naked from FIU’s shore. I could hear him talking to the girl about he just spent $400 on a new credit card for cat stuff and about homeless shelters and he has a bigger boat waiting for him. He Said cops have his bag with cameras. It sounded alot like they were crack heads.

He left and the girl stayed on the boat. Around 10:30am the girls dad came back. It sounded like he has another sailboat anchored at Maul Lake and she can stay on it but her boyfriend hasto go. Her dad brought some of her belongings in a garbage bag and she swam ashore to get them. They guys name is Rick and her name is Rhonda.

The dad was yelling at her about her boyfriend and how bad he is while she swam around washing her hair. He called Seatow and said they would be here at noon.

Seatow came at 11:45 and towed her and the boat away. Hopefully they never come back.

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