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Current Anchorage: Miami, Florida

Captains Log sea date August 16, 2011

Replaced my Honda BF8a outboard boat motor water pump

Finally got around to taking my Honda BF8A outboard motor ashore and replace the water pump.




Busted off a stud.




Dropped the lower unit.




Lots of wasp nests in the engine casing. Blew em out with an air hose.




Got to the water pump hosing.



The water pump assembly.



The old impeller wasn’t too bad.




I had to pry out the bushing. It was in there really tight and took awhile but it finally gave.



Noticed that the housing around the bushing had a chip in it. I was worried that I did it when I was prying the bushing out, but it wasn’t a fresh chip. Used a piece of old gasket material folded up and wedged in the chip to plug it up when I put it back together.



New gasket and impeller.



Put it all back together and fired up the motor but it still wasn’t “pee’n” water out. Something else is plugged up.

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Mark the Brokecanic said,

Beach-bumb: did you ever get the prostate fixed on your honda? What did you determine was the real problem? I am about to attempt the same surgery on my Honda and would like to have a positive outcome. Pun intended. I have the same repair kit. I am going to try to ensure the out-feed tube is clear and the intake screen is clear before I attempt the lower end repair that you did. I believe in the do-it-yourselfer prime directive of trying cheapest fix first. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Steve The Beachbum said,


It turned out to be that the thermostat was clogged up along with the channels in the intake manifold. Looked like calcium/rotten solid milk.
Decided to just remove the thermostat because a new one was like $40. The gaskets to put back on the intake manifold were like $25.

If I would do it again I would pull off the water hose going to the intake manifold first to see if it was the impeller/waterpump first. I didn’t need the waterpump rebuild kit.

Only issue now is the engine doesn’t run. It ran before I took off the intake. Could be that since i had the intake/carb assembly sitting on its side for a week waiting for the new intake gaskets the float got stuck, or I cleaned it out to good when it was off with an air hose, or I just don’t have the throttle/choke assembly set right.

I runs for a few secs when i pour gas in a spark plug hole. but my arm gets tired pulling the rope so I give up. Maybe now that it is cooling down outside I will work on it again.

newayz, best of luck to you.


rich wille said,

I too have a BF8A and need to replace impeller. How does the shift rod disconnect? Your picture shows threaded top. Mine is held at pivot point at the top inside the cowling housing with a cotter key. Is this what has to be disconnected at this point or is there another place? I do not have a manual and have been unable to find instructions.

Steve The Beachbum said,

Yes, The cotter pin is what you need to pull to drop it, but I could never figure out how to 100% lower the unit. I remember it was still binding somewhere. But it was enuff to get at the impeller.


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